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3 gmeteor Reference

[This chapter is in progress.]

This chapter documents all the functionality of gmeteor.

To run gmeteor, you must prepare a specification file, which is a Scheme program that calls gmeteor as a library. gmeteor provides two alternative interfaces that the specification file can use. The simple interface (the one described in Tutorial) is easy to use, but it lets you design only one filter per invocation of gmeteor. You will probably use this interface in most cases. The message-passing interface is more complicated, but it lets you design many filters at the same time. In this interface, each filter is an abstract data type (an “object”, if you wish) that reacts to messages.

The rest of this chapter is organized as follows. Optimal Filters describes the filter-design problem solved by gmeteor precisely. Simple Interface documents gmeteor's simple interface. Invoking gmeteor describes gmeteor's command-line options, which are also part of the simple interface. Finally, Message-Passing Interface documents the message-passing interface.