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3.3 Invoking gmeteor

The general usage of gmeteor is

     Usage: gmeteor [OPTION...] INPUT-FILE

For your convenience, gmeteor accepts some parameters both from the command line and from the specification file. In case of conflict, the command-line value takes precedence. A list of options follows.

Same as (plot-absolute #t).
-d n
Same as (plot-grid-density n).
-g n
Same as (grid-density n).
-n n
Same as (filter-length n).
-o file
Same as (output-file file).
-p file
Same as (plot-file file).
-s n
Same as (sampling-frequency n).
Same as (plot-absolute #f).
Same as (verbose #t).
Same as (verbose #f).
Print a list of options.
Print gmeteor's version.