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6 Acknowledgments

Thanks to Giuseppe Torresin (my boss) for letting me work on gmeteor and release it.

gmeteor uses a simplex solver called LPPRIM, which has been made available in the public domain by the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

The examples in the tutorial chapter were for the most part inspired by the METEOR paper by Steiglitz et al.

The file f2c.h comes from the f2c distribution, by S. I. Feldman, D. M. Gay, M. W. Maimone, and N. L. Schryer.

gmeteor uses many tools from the GNU project, including Guile, autoconf, automake, texinfo, and libtool.

Thanks to Prosa/Linuxcare for hosting the gmeteor web and ftp sites.

Thanks to Steven G. Johnson and to Sandra for reviewing this manuscript. All mistakes are my own, however.