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gmeteor is a tool for designing discrete-time equiripple filters with linear phase and a finite impulse response (FIR). `gmeteor' runs on systems that support the Guile extension language from the GNU project (for example, GNU systems running on a Linux kernel). `gmeteor' is free software distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).


The latest gmeteor release is gmeteor-0.95


With gmeteor, you can design filters with an arbitrary frequency response. In contrast, most filter-design program only allow you to specify piecewise-constant frequency responses. Below, you can find examples of how to specify frequency responses in gmeteor, as well as the filter that gmeteor computes.

For more information, see the gmeteor 0.95 manual (HTML), the gmeteor 0.95 manual (PDF), and the gmeteor project page at SourceForge.


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